Sunday, 20 April 2014

Criss cross cute

This look is perfect for Easter!
First, paint each nail in a different pastel shade.
Then use a white nail art pen to draw intersecting diagonal lines across each nail.
Finally use contrasting pastel nail art pens to draw a dot on the points where the white lines cross.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

50's Tips

This look is super cute and reminiscent of the 1950's. First paint on a layer of base coat. Then paint the tips using a pink nail polish. Draw a line across the bottom of the tips using a silver nail art pen. Using a black nail art pen, draw dots onto the tips. Finally apply a bow sticker to the nails of your index and ring fingers- or you could apply one to every nail if you prefer!

Crystal Bows

This look is simple to create but looks really effective. First paint on a layer of hot pink nail varnish. Using a silver nail art pen, draw a bow shape onto each nail. Then apply a blob of nail glue to the centre of each bow and place a crystal on top using a pair of tweezers. Press down on each crystal carefully to ensure that it sticks to the nail. When the glue has dried, you could paint a layer of top coat over each nail to further secure the crystals.

Two tone teal tips




For this look, first paint on a layer of mint nail vanish. Then paint the tips with a teal nail varnish. The two tone effect of these colours looks super classy!

Nautical Navy Tips

To create this chic look, first paint on a layer of red nail varnish. Then carefully paint the tips with navy nail varnish.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Purple sparkle tips

To create this look, paint your nails with a clear base coat to begin. Then use a purple polish to carefully paint the tips of your nails. With a silver nail art pen, draw a line along the bottom of the tips to neaten them up. Finally paint a layer of clear sparkly nail polish over the whole nail for a glossy finish. Here I have added a bow nail sticker to my thumb for a cute finish.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Festive aztec

It is worth investing in a nail art pen to create this look. Firstly paint on a layer of navy nail polish. Then use a silver nail art pen to draw on the design. I have done a zig zag pattern followed by a line of dots. My top tip is to practise using your nail art pen on a piece of paper before letting loose on your nails!